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About Us

​Learnica is a US based global provider of K-12 personalized online supplemental education programs.


Our ambition is to be acknowledged as the eminent provider of After-school (@Home or @School) supplemental education and Home-school programs for grades K-12


We will achieve our ambition by making a profound impact on our students' academic performances, exceeding the expectations of both students and their parents while providing a challenging and stimulating environment and growth opportunities for our associates


Our purpose is part of our brand.

Empower children to become independent and highly motivated learners and parents to proactively guide and support their children’s education 


Educate children through rigorous and challenging programs that require a sustained and disciplined effort

Enrich the future of young children by tangibly and measurably improving their academic preparation throughout their school years


The passion of igniting young minds in any part of the word motivates us to be dynamic in executing our strategies and plans and to continually expand the sphere of our influence and impact


In providing learning programs we will challenge our self to be knowledgeable of the market and student needs, advances in cognitive theories and research, and advances in technology. We will seek innovative ways to continually improve our program offering


We believe that a good educational background leads to a productive career and high quality of living.  Young, eager and curious minds need caring to help them reach their full potential

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