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Learnica Mentor Position


Independent Part-Time Mentors for K-5 Mathematics Supplemental Education Courses


  1. Are you a undergraduate or graduate student at one of the most selective universities pursing STEM or other mathematics related major?

  2. Do you have genuine interest in delivering virtual live classroom instruction in Mathematics to elementary and middle school students?

  3. Do you have an engaging presence, good communications skills and understanding of audio/video/chat online meeting technology platforms? 

We are seeking passionate undergraduate and graduate students with tutoring, coaching and leadership skills to make a positive impact on K-5 learner’s knowledge and understanding of mathematics. You will be working from the comforts of your own location with no travel requirements. We compensate mentors on an hourly part-time rate that is competitive with other on-campus employment opportunities. If this may interest you, apply now by filling the online application form.


What you will do:

As a part-time mentor/instructor you will have the flexibility to set your own hours based on your class schedules and other campus commitments. You will manage any scheduling conflict well ahead of the scheduled virtual classroom session by working with us. We provide online teaching content including "Knowledge Frames" or presentation slides and skill development "Smartsheets." All mathematics courses follow our student-centric TSLAT learning method. The online class will be recorded for students to review or replay missed sessions. You will contribute to the growth and development of math skills for our K-5 students performing several activities:


  • Meet with K-5 students in a virtual live classroom setting - on our technology platform - for 2 to 10 hours/week, 2 to 3 times/week over a 6 to 8 month duration 

  • Deliver instruction to mathematics class assigned in one of the three digital classroom formats: Small Class  of 12-15, Small Group of 3-5 students and single student including homework help

  • Use an online whiteboard to explain ideas, methods, strategies, etc. in greater details with further use of examples and your own techniques

  • Provide additional guidance to students whose performance on SmartSheets does not meet expectations


  • Use text chat during virtual classroom to engage students and answer any questions

  • Encourage active participation by all students in answering questions and discussions

  • Use scaffolding instruction to help learners become independent thinkers and learners

  • Occasionally. facilitate social media style discussion forum for the virtual class


  • Serve as positive role models to encourage young and curious students to work hard and aspire them to reach their full potential

  • Report any virtual classroom technical or individual student related issues and help improve the quality of Learnica content by providing constructive feedback

  • Identify areas that may be challenging for learners to comprehend

  • Submit blogs for potential inclusion on our website based on your online teaching experiences with us and knowledge of the K-12 supplemental education market trends

What skills, competencies and qualifications you need:  

  • Deep understanding of elementary school mathematics.

  • Professional and engaging online presence with ability to present Learnica proprietary content and answer student questions

  • Ability to work independently from your own environment

  • Currently pursing undergraduate or graduate degree

  • Previous experience tutoring children a plus


What tools you require:

  • A desktop or laptop computer

  • A high-speed internet connection

  • An email address for frequent communications

  • A quiet uninterrupted place to deliver virtual classroom sessions  

How it helps you: 

Our student-centric, positive and supportive culture encourages mentors to instruct, motivate and aspire young students. We support mentors by providing hands-on opportunities to continually improve and sharpen presentation, training, delivery and facilitation skills. Working with students globally across cultures and national boundaries will give you a unique on-the-job global perspective, while still pursuing your undergraduate or graduate education. A relevant and significant experience on your resume. We include your profile on our website.


At Learnica, you are one of the key pillars of our supplemental education delivery model. We compensate our mentors based on an hourly part-time rate that is competitive with other on-campus work-study opportunities. We value long term participation and therefore adjust the compensation upon reaching different levels on feedback scores and total hours of instruction.


About Learnica

Learnica, Inc. is an online education solutions company, offering learning programs and courses for K-12 students to both supplement in-school classroom education and support home-school students. Our "4M" unique model comprises TSLAT method, high-achiever mentors, performance measurement, and modern digital delivery platform.

Mentor Application

Please apply for a mentor position by filling out the Mentor Application

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Thanks for your interest! If there is a fit we will get back to you. Best Wishes.

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