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Why Learnica?

K-12 schooling years are precious. They are the foundation upon which a child's future rests. By visiting us, you have taken an important first step for your child to have the knowledge, skills and discipline needed for success at school and beyond. Together, as partners in your child's learning, what we can potentially achieve is truly awesome. Let us embark on a mission that takes your child's future to greatness.

Learnica, Inc. is an online education solutions company, offering learning quizzes for all ages and learning programs for K-12 students to both supplement in-school classroom education and support home-school students. Our "4M" unique model comprises TSLAT method, high-achieving mentors, performance measurement and modern digital learning platform.


We invite you to experience Learnica.

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Empower. Educate. Enrich.

Programs in Mathematics, English and Technology in after-school

(@Home or @School) or home-school setting with active involvement of parents and families


Silver: Parent supported, Self-paced

Gold: Mentor, Virtual class of 10-15

Platinum: Mentor, Virtual class of 2-5

Diamond: Mentor, Virtual class of 1


6-8 Month long Mathematics and English programs informed by good practices and leading national standards and frameworks in the world

STEM Oriented

4-6 Month long Technology programs to enable productivity gains and encourage early interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields

Technology to Empower

Modern technology platform for live interactive online classrooms; convenient online KnowledgeFrames cover theory and SmartSheets with instant feedback provide active practice


Highly interactive live digital classroom, whiteboard, text chat, breakout rooms, discussion forum, program dashboard, upcoming courses and notifications


Badges for motivation and gamification points for benchmarking. Progress transcript and competency map for tracking program performance


Anytime and anywhere access with desktop, tablet or smart phone. Recorded classroom session for replay of missed online instruction for review

Programs that Educate

Leading national standards aligned Global Competency framework comprise comprehensive blueprint and spiral learning pathways. Visually appealing KnowledgeFrames and challenging SmartSheets


Develop in-depth understanding of core concepts: ideas, definitions, conventions, facts, methods, tools, strategies and good practices


Gain fluency, automaticity and proficiency with extensive skill building practice. Develop higher-order critical thinking, reasoning and test taking skills



Stay ahead of classroom. Reinforce classroom learning, fill learning gaps and clear misconceptions. Develop core academic competencies for results

Mentors who Enrich

High-achieving mentors currently pursuing their degrees at some of the most prestigious universities in the US provide live instruction, coaching and inspiration 

Become a Mentor
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