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Around the World in 10Taps™

Over one hundred millennia, the rise of civilization has woven intricate territorial boundaries across the vast canvas of our planet. The globe is indelibly marked by rich history and compelling stories behind the ~200 countries that define our world. This daily quiz lifts the veil on fascinating, albeit lesser-known arts, civics, culture, economics, geography, history, literature, nature, science, and sports facts viewed through kaleidoscopic mirrors of these amazing countries.


ATW10Taps daily quiz lifts the veil on fascinating, albeit lesser-known facts, viewed through the kaleidoscope of amazing countries. 10 Taps™ connects fragments of important knowledge which, over time, will reveal the bigger picture of your expanded intellect.

ENJOY a fresh daily game of enriching, entertaining, and interactive quiz.

LEARN about fascinating facts and stories from ~200 countries on core themes and diverse topics.

EXPAND your horizon with relevant and challenging questions supported by evocative AI-generated images.

CONNECT with your private social group of family, friends, or community.

TRACK Top 10 Leaderboard weekly ranking.

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