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K-12 Student
Our Method

Programs follow student-centric TSLAT learning method. Visually appealing KnowledgeFrames present concepts in concise LearningBites. Purposeful SmartSheets include challenging and interactive questions

Tell Me

Define the “what” of a subject matter in simple, clear, and concise format with full use of diagrams and graphics to promote quick comprehension

Show Me

Demonstrate "how" an idea or concept is applied to questions in a methodical, step-by-step manner to help develop a fuller and deeper understanding

Let Me

Extensive independent computation, word problem and reasoning practice helps develop speed, accuracy and stamina on required core competencies

Ask Me

Definition and open-ended verbal questions by mentors and parents develop precise articulation skills and promote meta cognition

Test Me

Frequent low-stake assessments reinforce important concepts, clear misconceptions, develop test-taking skills and practice memory retrieval

Mathematics K-5 Programs and Courses (Under Construction)

Learnica school-year Mathematics program is powered by our proprietary content developed over several years of diligent research and development. The grade aligned courses are 6-8 months long


Concepts categorized by "KnowledgeFrames" - Definitions and Conventions, Classification and Types, Methods and Tools, Strategies and Cautions, and Laws and Properties


A complete set of timed and purposeful "SmartSheets" for developing memory recall, computation, mental math, strategies, word problem, verbal response and reasoning skills  


100 Courses | >715 Concepts

>1,150 KnowledgeFrames

>2,350 Learning Bites

>1,750 SmartSheets

>23,650 Questions

English K-5 Program and Courses
(Under Construction)

English program covering reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, language arts and writing skills

Reading Comprehension

Prose and poetry speed reading with fluency and accuracy. Critical reading and analysis for main/supporting ideas, connections, viewpoints and inferences

Language Arts

Conventions of standard US English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. Includes spelling, capitalization and punctuation



Descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive writing styles. Word choice, sentence structure, paragraph organization and 5-paragraph essays

Technology K-8 Program and Courses
(Under Construction)

Integrated technology programs to promote understanding of computers, internet, keyboarding, visual coding, document, charts/graphs, presentation and photo editing applications in STEM context

Computer and Internet  

Understand computers, tablets and smartphones. Build engaging websites, use social media, learn interaction etiquette and use search engine

Programming Basics

Computer programming basics to create creative stories, animations, online games while learning the basics of structured programming language

Keyboarding/Office Software

Improve accuracy and speed of keyboarding and learn word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications

Mathematics and English Levels 6 to 8 (Planned Fall '21)
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